Welcome to my media showreel hosted on Not Salt Popcorn. Here you will find videos from various projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Latest Videos

The latest videos I have produced are for Brighton band Fond of Rudy:

Fond of Rudy - To Be Mine Acoustic
An acoustic performance of Fond of Rudy’s latest single “To Be Mine” recorded at The Joker Pub.
Fond of Rudy - The Line
A music video featuring the band with their 2017 single “The Line” 
Get it on iTunes | Listen on Spotify

Pavilion Publishing and Media – Showreel

I have been producing various product, conference and promotional videos for Pavilion Publishing and Media. They are the leading provider of professional development products in the health, social care and education sectors.

Below are some examples of the videos I have filmed and edited. You can view Pavilion’s YouTube channel here.

OTW Media – Showreel

In 2012, I built my own video production company called OTW media, producing promotional videos for local businesses and short videos.

Below is a showreel from my time spent with OTW Media. You can visit OTW Media’s Vimeo channel here.