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Indie Movies - It's a Wonderful Life
Still of James Stewart as George Bailey | It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) | RKO Radio Pictures

Not Salt Popcorn’s Indie Movies Fun Fact

At $3.7 million, It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) was a very expensive independent movie production. In its initial box office run, It’s a Wonderful Life made a domestic return of only $3.3 million but it has since gained a reputation as an all-time Christmas classic.

What are Indie Movies?

Indie movies or independent films as the were originally referred to are comprised of values that steer away from conventional high budget film-making.

As a result, indie movies tend to comprise of the following features:

  • The plot follows everyday people in realistic narratives.
  • The movie is often very stylised.
  • The soundtrack complements the two features above and will typically consist of independent bands or solo artists.
  • The film is lower in budget and tends to feature actors that aren’t consistently in higher Hollywood budget movies.
  • Check out our indie movie reviews below:

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Captain Fantastic

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