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Still of Charlie Chaplin as his infamous ‘Tramp’ character| City Lights (1931) | United Artists

Defining Comedy Movies – Charlie Chaplin’s Legacy

Charlie Chaplin as

Charlie Chaplin was arguably the king of silent cinema and comedy movies. He was most notably famous for his Tramp character. Highly regarded by Hollywood’s elite, Chaplin was an actor, director, producer and musical composer on over fifty films throughout his career.

With a career spanning decades, very few actors have been able to achieve the scale of success Chaplin did early on. Film may have been new to audiences but Chaplin was able to reach out to a global audience and transfer his vaudeville acting skills to the silver screen.

“The Tramp” became a global phenomenon during the 1910s and cemented Chaplin’s status as a key influence on early cinema. Although these films are dated by today’s standards, they can be viewed as a blueprint for comedy movies and still inspire many today. Elements of slapstick, satire and improvisational comedy are the hallmark of any Chaplin movie.

Do any comedy movies take inspiration from Chaplin? Check out our reviews below:

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