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Paul Hillman - Founder of Not Salt Popcorn
Hi I’m Paul – Founder of Not Salt Popcorn

All movies have a narrative – The story about how Not Salt Popcorn began is no different.

The Beginning

Have you ever watched movie after movie, listened to recommendation after recommendation and ever thought, “The critics have it wrong, that movie is incredibly well made” or “How can anyone think that film is good, nothing happened in it?” This has been me on countless occasions. It’s true that I haven’t watched The Godfather trilogy completely, I got about 2/3s through the first Godfather and I was bored. Yes it features Marlon Brando’s epic performance as Don Corleone and a young Al Pacino proving his acting pedigree on the Hollywood stage but it’s slow, it drags and anytime I’m left looking at the clock, a director has failed to hold my attention.

You might be thinking, where is this going? Well everyone loves The Godfather, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about it. It tops a number of films polls and is often cited as quintessential Hollywood cinema. I couldn’t find enough differing opinions on this subject so I decided I would create a blog to offer readers a different slant on movies. What about great movies that have bombed at the box office? What about under appreciated movies?

The Middle

I had written blogs before but I wanted to make a website that covered unique movie subjects alongside showcasing some of the video projects I have worked on. The website needed a regular feature, one that gave readers movie choices and uncovered some hidden gems. Five of the Best was created in the hope of getting movie fans thinking about what their five best films in a particular genre or topic might be. If you have an idea for a new Five of the Best, why not send us an email?

To Be Continued…

Finally, NotSaltPopcorn.com was made public in 2016 but the blogging continues…

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